Juki DDL-900A

S Nutt


Product description

Brand new model 

Juki DDL-900A





This new sewing machine which integrates the direct-drive motor, control box and control panel into a monolithic body is now provided with a new dry oil pan mechanism. It not only eliminates oil stains on sewing products, but also further enhances workability and maintainability.




Thread Trimming Speed:




The thread trimming speed is 300sti/min, which is the highest among the equivalent class models. This speed is 1.5-fold faster than the conventional model, there by contributing to increased productivity.




Dry Oil Pan:




Oil is stored in the oil-shielded made of highly rigid aluminum die cast which is

integrated into the machine head and provides increased cooling performance. The new oil-shielded has increased sealing performance as compared with a plastic oil tank and effectively prevents oil leakage and tank breakage. Furthermore, as the tank has a capacity of 450 cc, which is equivalent to that of the conventional model, the frequency of oil replenishing does not change. These features ensure a reliability of mechanical parts as high as that of the conventional model.




Elimination of Oil Stains:




The frame mechanism employs a market-proven forced lubricating method and prevents oil from splashing

outside through the newly added frame oil recovery mechanism and automatic oil circulation mechanism, thereby eliminating oil stains on sewing products.




Space-saving Control Box:




The compact control box which is integrated into the sewing machine has adopted the external port system. This facilitates setup of the sewing machine and any retrofitting of accessory device(s).




Control Panel:




The control panel which belongs equivalently to the highly-functional CP-180 family is built into the control box. With this panel, various sewing data ranging from the sewing speed to the production support functions can be adjusted. In addition, the control panel has been newly provided with a password lock function to restrict panel operation.




Direct-drive Motor:




In comparison with the conventional V-belt driven sewing machine, the sewing machine driven by the direct-drive motor saves power consumption by 25%. Furthermore, the new retry control helps increase the material penetrating power of the needle by approximately 10%.




Oiling and Oil Quantity Checking:




The oil hole is located on the top of the machine arm. The oil quantity can be easily checked with the oil gauge mounted on the top of the bed without tilting the machine head.