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Family Business Since 1947

Stella Mk2


Super sturdy with 8 castors in all, 4 being extra large, heavy duty, lockable wheels fitted to the main body – these make for easy mobility regardless of stored weight and once locked holds rigidly in your chosen place. Tough, knock resistant ABS edging surrounds the 1 inch thick table- top work surface. A unique slide- out hooping platform placed at a convenient height that when not in use hides away above the top drawer– great for additional work room when operating the machine. 4 large deep drawers, the bottom drawer being extra deep; perfect for storing bulky machine accessories eg; cap frames…. 4 large pigeon holes- ideal for storing large embroidery frames, mats etc… Lift up work areas either side of the main body that are held in place by sturdy gate leg supports– have them up when more work area is needed and down when not. 1 inch thick base helps eliminate vibration and limits operational noise.

Comes in white Only

Please note all orders are delivered direct from Horn uk.Please check stock before placing the order

Please allow approx 28 days for delivery