Comel Compacta 'Inox' portable steam boiler with iron,

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Comel Compacta 'Inox' portable steam boiler with iron, for professional ironing in domestic and semi commercial environments. The boiler & fittings are made of stainless steel and solidity and design give this model the refined touch.

This INOX model also features a stainless steel outer body.

Professional iron
Silicone mat
Teflon shoe
Cable Aerial

Boiler On/Off switch
Iron On/Off switch
Low water light
Boiler at operating temperature light
Steam adjustment knob

Power - 230v
Working Pressure - 2.5 bar
Boiler element - 1000w
Iron element - 800w
Boiler capacity - 1.5 litres
Net weight - 10.5kg
Gross weight - 11.1kg
Box size - 36 x 32 x 30cm