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Sewing Light


Brand new sewing lamp for all industrial sewing machines

Fits in seconds clamps to any machine Table

This is a high-performance COB-LED (Chip on Board - LED) lamps with 9-level adjustable brightness and memory function. Complete with G-clamp fixing bracket which allows for the lamp to be fitted anywhere on the machine table top. The illuminating angle can be adjusted freely. The theoretical service-life of this lamp is around 60,000 hours and has a approx. energy saving of 90% compared to traditional fluorescent lights.

Brand: Keqids
Model: DS-28K
Power: 5W
Voltage: AC 110-24V
Link: UK 3-Pin Plug
Application: Any Sewing Machine


What is COB

COB - Chip on Board is the latest generation of efficient LED lighting where a number of LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module giving a continuous and extremely bright source of light.

COB technology allows a higher packing density of LED's resulting in higher light intensity and efficiency while reducing energy consumption and keeping a constant, uniform output.