Special Large Combi Pack

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The Combi packs are also the perfect way to try out different needles without buying an entire pack of one needle type, and provide amateur sewers with a hassle-free way to put together a basic set of different needles.

Needles included in the Special Large pack:

  • Universal size 70/10 (x 2), 80/12 (x 2) and 90/14 - the most popular, all-purpose needle type
  • Leather size 90/14 - for sewing leather and faux / synthetic leather
  • Jersey size 70/10 (x 2) and 80/12 - for strong, thick fabrics such as denim and canvas
  • Microtex size 60/8 - for accurate straight stitching on very fine or densely woven materials
  • Pack contains 10 needles
  • Brand: Schmetz